TravelionX eTours

TravelionX is Free Travel Application for recording your trips, sharing with family and friends, and create a personal travel eBook.

Main Features:

1.       GeoLocation - Displays your current location on Map (requires GPS).

2.       Adding Custom Markers - You can add Custom Markers to your Trip Map (Text and Image).

3.       Multi-Layers Map - Support adding Multipale Layers on Map (Traffic, Weather, Parking, Webcams, etc.)

4.       Social Sharing - Share your travels with Family and Friends (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, ...).

5.       "One Click" Travel eBook - Create a Travel eBook of your Trip with "One Click' (ePub Format).


·         Android Smartphone (Android 4.0 + ICS or layer).

·         GPS and Camera.

·         Native Social Applications (Facebook,  Twitter,  Google+,  Instagram, Pinterest,…).


·         Maximum markers per trip: 500 (the app will show warning when you reach 400).

·         Maximum  markers per eTour : 500.

·         Maximum number of active eTours:  4.

Dashboard (Main Menu)



Getting Started

On first use, You will need to setup your profile and add the first trip.


By using this application you also accept our "Privacy Policy" (found here: privacy policy) and our "Term of Use" (found here: terms of use).

Setup Profile

Click on Profile


1.      Enter your Full Name.


2.      Select Gender (Male\Female).


3.      Enter Birthdate (Format dd/mm/yyyy)

Remark: you must be over 18 year old.


4.      Enter a short text in "About you" (Optional).


5.      Add Picture or Logo (Optional):


you can add picture from camera

 or select an image from gallery 


Image can be rotated


6.      Save your Profile



Add First Trip

Click on Trip button


1.      Enter your Trip Title.


2.      Enter your Trip Description (Optional).


3.      Add Trip Image (used for eBook front cover). (Optional).


you can add picture from camera  or select an image from gallery 


Image can be rotated


4.      Save your first Trip


To start a new Trip click on , fill all trip details and then click Save .


Open Map

Click on Map button



ActionBar Buttons:


Search button

Use search for a desired position on the map,

You can Search by:

·         Destination name (like big ben, camp neo stadium, etc.).

·         City & Street name (Downing 10 street, London).

·         Latitiude & Longitude ()


Edit Mode Button (On\Off)  

Click to show Edit Mode toolbar 


·         Move a Marker

touch marker and drag to desired location.


·         Add new Marker  

touch screen to place marker in desired location.


·         Delete Marker

       touch a marker to delete.



Camera Button 

Start the Camera, Will add image marker in your current location:


Share Button 

Click to open Share Center

Share your travel with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+  and more.

*native social apps required.


Pegman (streetview) 

Drag the Pegman to desired location on the map to display google StreetView.


Zoom Map (In\Out)  


Location Button  

Following user location  

Not following current location 

Cannot find user location 


Switch Map\Satellite View 



Select eTours and Layers 


You can select multiple eTrous  & Layers.

To add\remove eTours click the "eTours" Tab.



Upper part: eTours


eTour 0 – base layer: contains your markers.

eTourXXX - other eTours layers.


Lower part: Map Layers


Weather Layer – displays weather forecast (powered by OpenWeatherMap).


Traffic Layer – displays traffic conditions in major roads (powered by Google).


Parking Layer – displays available parking sports around you (powered by Parkwhiz).


Transit Layer – displays Public Transportations (powered by Google).


Bicycle Layer – displays dicycle lanes in streets and parks (powered by Google).


WebCam Layer – displays preview of webcams from the area (powered by

·         EasyMap webcams provided by




Here you can edit your locations, add Title, Description and Image.


Editor Operations:

Save Location (or changes)  

Cancel Location (or changes)   

Share to Sharing Center 

Load image from Camera 

Load image from Gallery 

Change Location's Icon 

Rotate Image (left \right) 



Share Center

Share your trip with Family and Friends.


·         Login to Facebook.

·         Share a Travel  Story on Facebook.


Share on Social Networks:

·         Facebook  


·         Twitter


·         Google Plus   


·         Instagram   (require native app installed)


·         Pinterest   (require native app installed)


·         Email


·         Share


eTour Search


Search for eTours by keyword 


Click on  to load eTour (you can load up to 4 active eTours).


Click on  in Active eTours List to remove eTour from the Map.

Great Links For You:


Contains many great links (organized by categories) to help you on your trips.


*Some of the links are affiliated links.

*Links open in a new browser window.


Travel eBook


Click on  in the Dashboard (Main Menu).

The application create a Free Personal eBook of your recorded locations (the eBook will include up to first 24 locations).


Use arrow buttons       

 to flip pages in the Travel eBook.


Use share button    to share the eBook.


·         Notice: You can use this eBook for Personal and even Commercial use as long as you keep the message and link "Powered by TravelionX"  in the front page and at the last cover page.

·         The eBook is in ePub (Electronic Publication V2) Format, check list of supported ePub readers in the Appendix.





Devices Tested:

The application was tested on Samsung Galaxy S5 (android 4.4.2 KitKat) and Samsung Tab 3 (android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean).

Supported ePub Readers:

·         Android:

o   Aldiko

o   Moon+ Reader

o   UBReader

o   Skoob EPUB Reader +

·         Windows:

o   SumatraPDF

o   CoolReader

o   Adobe Digital Editions 3.0

o   Calibre

o   FBReader

o   EPUBReader (FireFox Plugin)

* Remark: Other epub readers might not read the ebook properly !


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you support KMZ files?

A: No, we currently support the following formats: KML, GPX, GML and GeoRSS.

Q: Do you support eBook is other formats like PDF or Mobi?

A: we currently only support ePub format (which is a popular open format for ebooks), however you can convert an epub file to different formats by using Calibre or a free online converter like epubor or Zamzar.

Q: Do you support ePub 3?

A: Currently we only support ePub 2 (including multi-language textsand images), but we might add add some ePub3 support in the Future.

Contact Us

For more information please check our website:

If you have any questions emails us to: [email protected]

When using our Mobile Application "TravelionX eTours" , you accept our "Privacy Policy" (found here: and "Terms of Use" (found here: